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Master of Science in Education, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY.
Bachelor of Music, Manhattan School of Music, NYC, NY.

Carol Renzelman

It is my pleasure to write for you. In 2009, By My Pen, Words for a Lifetime became a business. My very first client, Barbara W., was a woman who wanted me to write a letter of appreciation to her dying father. The letter I wrote arrived and was read to Barbara’s father the day before he passed on, during his final lucid hours. Barbara’s family feels secure that my letter provided the measure of comfort that enabled her father to let go and pass on peacefully. The letter also gave Barbara a warm, lasting feeling of completeness in her loving yet less-than-effusive relationship with her father, and made her feel that she was somehow near him as he transitioned from this world.

Since that time, I have assisted dozens of clients carry out myriad writing projects. I have edited memoirs, short stories, and a novel; written thank-you, sympathy, graduation, goodbye, new baby, teacher-appreciation, Valentine, and Mother’s Day cards; created print and online press releases; drafted cover letters, letters of recommendation, letters of complaint, resumes, speeches, and public-relations materials; and completed numerous keepsake letters of love, appreciation, or completion.

Perhaps my most rewarding work is writing keepsake letters, where I have the privilege of speaking at some length with my client to hear a story—often, a story of deep emotion—and where I am able to use my gifts of listening and perception to understand the clear or underlying message to be worded and conveyed, sensitively and effectively.

I grew up cherishing the cards of encouragement and appreciation my own mother wrote to me. As a public-school music teacher, I often called upon my writing skills to create choral lyrics. When I became a stepmother, writing notes and cards became an effective way to build closer relationships with my stepchildren. As a wife, mother, school volunteer, and community member, the positive feedback I’ve received for my own messages of appreciation has encouraged me to offer my services more widely.

In his well-known book, The Four Things That Matter Most, Dr. Ira Byock, MD, writes, “Four simple phrases—‘Please forgive me,‘ ‘I forgive you,’ ‘Thank you,’ ‘I love you,’—carry enormous power . . . . expressing the spirit of the Four Things is a priceless gift.”

Allow me to enable you to give that priceless gift.


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