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Read what some clients of Words For a Lifetime, By My Pen have to say:

“When our son deployed to Afghanistan we wanted to send him off with words of love and encouragement. Carol helped us put our feelings, hopes, and love for our son into words that he could carry with him.”

~ Cathy P., keepsake card client

“My family treasures the beautiful letter of lifelong appreciation that Carol crafted for me. The letter expresses my deepest feelings for my father in an apt, concise, and sensitive way. My mother has made copies of the letter and is sending it to my father’s brother and sister. Carol has a very special gift.  She is an excellent listener and works well under pressure. She aptly expresses feelings concisely.  Meeting with Carol is a very comfortable experience; she is warm, kind, patient, and insightful.”

~ Barbara W., palliating words client

“Carol captures the essence and the feeling of what I want to say but don’t have the words for and eloquently, succinctly, and beautifully gets them into written word and onto paper.  She has an innate talent and gift, as well as a passion, for words that shows in everything she writes, from personal letters to business press releases.”

~ Suzanne R., business writing client

“Carol Renzelman is a skilled and thoughtful writer.  She always seems to know just what to say.”

~Erin H., personal writing client

“The letter Carol wrote for me to send to my aunt was absolutely perfect, and it revitalized our relationship. It was so nice to receive a letter back from my aunt and to hear something so positive. She wrote, ‘I have never received a more caring and loving note than the one you wrote to me. It brought me to tears and I know it was genuine.’”

~ Christa P., keepsake letter client

“Carol made talking about a difficult subject comforting.”

~ Michelle W-M, cancer survivor

“I’m slowly coming out of my dark hole and into life again, but all this time, I have been extremely grateful to you. You made me feel important. You were an inspiration, a positive soul I needed.”

~ Camille P., resume and cover letter client


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