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Dear friends,

I am a warm and perceptive writer ready to help you with your writing needs. I offer custom writing and editing services, and specialize in helping people heal, transform, and nurture their relationships through the written word.

Carol Renzelman

Legacy letters for the safe deposit box or will, thank-you notes and sympathy cards, and keepsake letters for births, weddings, special occasions, and situations of terminal illness are among my offerings.

While, in today’s world, quick communication has become key to our day-to-day endeavors, our most important connections and communications may take time to be treasured always. Sharing your thoughts and feelings through the written word represents some of the most precious and meaningful work you can do in this lifetime. Even difficult emotions can often be more effectively expressed when written.

If you long to express a message more tailor-made than those found in pre-printed special-occasion cards, or if you wish to write a letter for a loved one but have a hard time putting pen to paper, allow me to help you create words for a lifetime.

Say what you need to say, and don’t delay. A carefully worded expression of appreciation, sympathy, love, or apology is the gift of a lifetime.

I look forward to conversing with you and custom-creating an important and heartfelt message for you. Click here to find out how to get started. 


Carol Renzelman


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